Image Management

Image tracking

The Cardiovascular Core Labs use a customized bar-coded tracking system to aid in the identification and tracking of studies. Images are logged into the Cardiovascular Core Lab's tracking system upon arrival. The system generates a unique bar-coded label and identification number for each study.

Labels are attached to the image and all associated paperwork. A letter noting confirmation of receipt of each study can be generated and faxed to the clinical site upon arrival of the study to the Core Lab. As the study moves to the technician and physician, it gets tracked (bar code scanners are associated with each step in the analysis). The system allows immediate identification and status of any study within the system and allows generation of status reports for the sponsor. These reports can be produced at pre-determined intervals or upon request.

Digital web transmission

The Cardiovascular Core Labs have partnered with commercial vendors to offer the option of web-based digital transmission of echo studies. Studies can be submitted to the Core Labs via a secure web-site. Studies can be submitted from any desktop computer with Internet access and the appropriate software. All studies are electronically archived on a secure server and are available for immediate review. For further information about this option, please contact the Core Lab.

Image Duplication and Storage

All images submitted to the Core Lab are duplicated and archived. This serves as the source documentation for our analysis. Digitized studies are copied onto a secure server that has nightly backup. CDs and DVDs are stored on-site for the duration of the study and long-term, if desired. All digitized images and measurements used for analysis will be stored digitally in the Core Lab server which is backed up nightly.